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6. Absolutely No Sludge Process as as compared to various other wastewater treatment processes. In-situ generation of ozone, cost-free radicals, oxidizing chlorine compounds and so on is special to electro oxidation process. No demand of any kind of enhancement of chemicals, thus storage and handling of harmful chemicals is totally gotten rid of. It is an eco-friendly waste water treatment technology utilizing just power. Electrooxidation-ozonation is an effective process for the treatment of different type of wastewater, considering that there is always a big decrease in COD, shade, and turbidity, conductivity and also FIGURE. Our ingenious layouts ensure very easy electrodeionization troubleshooting. Electro Oxidation Process:. Electrooxidation is an electrochemical process in which oxidation reactions occur by using an electric field in between the anode and cathode. Electrooxidation can be defined as an electrochemical process which, by way of unique, non-sacrificial electrodes we could acquire compounds capable of strongly oxidizing the wastewater we are dealing with. Electro-oxidation (EO) is one of one of the most appealing forefront modern technologies to remove toxins from wastewater. The majority of the offered recommendations have revealed intriguing outcomes for biorefractory compounds, particularly at laboratory range.