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water treatment plantsewage treatment plant working modelThe results of the study showed that nanofiltration of the biologically dealt with wastewater of the textile markets generate permeates with trivial amount of COD. Regardless of this, the retention for chlorides is optimal 90 % and that of sulfates is minimal 90%. A NF membrane layer can be tubular, spiral or level fit. A spiral component includes polyamide membrane layers wound in spiral form. At the edge of the membrane layer, the injury layers are sealed making use of a cap. A permeate collection tube lies in the center of the injury module. The pretreatment approaches in a demineralizer plant removes certain ionic pollutants such as iron and manganese, that could foul the ion exchange materials of the demineralizers. What is Demineralizer?A demineralizer is a system, which utilizes ion exchange chemical process to eliminate dissolved ionic substances (salts) from water. It is also known as Deionized Water supply, Demineralizer or DM Plant. A regular Demineralization Plant (DM Plant) consists of two vessels. The feed water or raw water is passed through first vessel i. e.