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Thus, effective removal of iron consists of two processes. ie. , Oygenation Process and also Filtration ProcessOnline Aeration ProcessBirthed well water is pumped right into an oygenation tank (on-the-ground) trifurcated right into equal sized chambers, The raw water is enabled to sprinkle in the first chamber with specially made perforated strong lawn sprinkler pipelines. From the very first chamber, the water takes a trip to the other two chambers via exactly created several vents situated at variable heights of the baffle wall surfaces hence producing a zigzag motion in water. By the time the water reaches the third chamber, it naturally develops maximum call with air and also thereby the liquified iron content gets oxidized as well as ends up being suspended iron. In case the pH of the feed water is acidic, determined application of an appropriate oxidizing agent is required to help with and also accelerate aeration.