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No Sludge Process as compared to other wastewater treatment procedures. In-situ generation of ozone, complimentary radicals, oxidizing chlorine compounds etc[D] is one-of-a-kind to electro oxidation process. No requirement of any enhancement of chemicals, therefore storage and also handling of hazardous chemicals is entirely eliminated. It is an environmentally friendly waste water treatment innovation making use of just electrical energy. Electrooxidation-ozonation is an efficient process for the treatment of different type of wastewater, because there is always a huge reduction in COD, shade, and also turbidity, conductivity as well as BODY. The paired process always has an exceptional performance compared with the application of apart processes. Fat and grease are gotten rid of by passing the sewage with a little tank where skimmers collect the fat floating externally. The features of wastewater treatment systems are established by:The nature of the local as well as industrial wastes that are shared to them by the sewers. The amount of treatment required to keep the top quality of the getting streams and also rivers. Discharges from treatment plants are typically thinned down in rivers, lakes, or estuaries. They also may, after sterilisation, be used for certain sorts of irrigation (such as fairway), transported to shallows where they are evaporated, or released via below ground outfalls right into the sea. Nevertheless, sewage water outflows from treatment works have to satisfy effluent requirements set by the Atmosphere Company to prevent polluting the waters that get them.