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If Phosphorus is the culprit, after that a constant application system to eliminate it is the tertiary treatment. If Ammoniacal Nitrogen is the issue, after that the sewage treatment plant process need to include a nitrifying then de-nitrification stage to convert the ammoniacal nitrogen to Nitrogen gas that harmlessly goes into the atmosphere. Just What is Reverse Osmosis System?Reverse Osmosis System is a water purification innovation that is used to eliminate a large majority of pollutants like fluoride ions, Nitrate particles from water by pushing the water under pressure via a semipermeable membrane layer. A reverse osmosis system is constructed around its private membrane layers. Each membrane is a spiral wound sheet of semi-permeable material. Membrane layers are available in 2-inch, 4-inch, and also 8-inch size with the 4- as well as 8-inch diameter dimensions most generally used in market.