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Principle. Raw Water is passed via two tiny polystyrene bead filled up (ion exchange materials) beds. While the cations get traded with hydrogen ions in very first bed, the anions are traded with hydroxyl ions, in the second one. Process. In the context of Water purification, ion-exchange is a quick as well as reversible process in which contamination ions present in the Water are changed by ions launched by an ion-exchange resin. The pollutant ions are occupied by the resin, which must be occasionally regenerated to restore it to the initial ionic type. Water). Naturally happening Water has different salts in dilute type which are called Total liquified solids (TDS). When the Water having such mineral is needed to be free from this, it is to be treated in Ion Exchange Resins column (H kind) which adsorbs the positively cost ion. Now the cations free passed through Anion Material Column (OH kind) which adsorbs the adversely billed anions as well as Water free from the overall ions shall appears from the system. Iron Removal Systems in Water Treatment:Iron Removal Systems has ended up being the necessary element in every water treatment system given that Iron is the fourth most plentiful element found in the Earth’s crust. Iron in water is an usual problem in major countries.