pollution of water resources

water treatment plantrock river water reclamation districtSludge collection Container: On an additional hand they release their last cured water right into the regional canal. They do not use the water by recycling. They told us for their lacking of modern technology of ETP they cannot use the water by recycling. Advantages of Effluent Treatment Plants:. Promotes ‘economic situation of scale’ in waste treatment, therefore reducing the expense of air pollution reduction for individual SMEs addresses the ‘lack of area’ problem– Effluent Treatment Plant could be intended in advance to guarantee that appropriate space is readily available including prepare for development in future. Homogenization of wastewater. Electro Oxidation could be executed as a set process or a continuous process based upon the requirement of the sector. Very tiny footprint requirement. Absolutely No Sludge Process as as compared to other wastewater treatment processes. In-situ generation of ozone, free radicals, oxidizing chlorine substances etc[D] is one-of-a-kind to electro oxidation process. No demand of any kind of addition of chemicals, thus storage space and also handling of unsafe chemicals is completely eliminated. It is an eco-friendly drainage treatment technology utilizing only electricity.