rectangular poly water tanks

Bore well water is pumped right into a solitary chamber oygenation storage tank (sump or HDPE container) via particularly created sprinklers. This water is allowed to go stale in oygenation container for a period of 4 to 8 hrs for effective oygenation depending on the iron web content in the raw water. In instance the pH of the feed water is acidic, determined dosing of a suitable oxidizing agent is needed to promote as well as speed up aeration. Filtering Process:This aerated water with put on hold iron particles is sent with the Ferrus free iron removal unit with depth Filtration Modern technology. Ferrous totally free iron eliminator consisting of 5 layers of special filter media oxidizes the leftover liquified iron content and also properly filters the suspended iron, turbidity, suspended solids, negative shade, taste and odor by GAP creations throughout the media depth as well as even-load circulation. Ferrous complimentary iron removers are designed based upon specific circulation price formula.