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Compared to conventional filtering, it disappears essential to maximize the flocculation when it come to complying with separation by the filter as a result of that ultrafiltration is able to reject also very small flocks. As a result, flocculation can be maximized in the direction of removal of natural carbons. Active carbon and also ultrafiltrationIncluding active carbon before the ultrafiltration, considerably improves the removal efficiency of the system for humic compounds and also pesticides. In case that big quantities of active carbon are needed, the application of a nanofiltration as opposed to an ultrafiltration system need to be considered. Ultrafiltration as well as nanofiltrationPolar chemicals can be dependably gotten rid of by applying a process mix of ultrafiltration as well as nanofiltration. As a positive side– effect, the water will likewise be softened and also sulfate will certainly be gotten rid of. Satisfies permissible ecological conditions. Beneficial in absence of water accessibility problems. Better water reusing efficiency. No water to discharge. Zero Discharge Technologies. Reverse Osmosis.