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Austro Water Technology remedies has an around the world capability in the water treatment as well as this is based on experience and also experience in a wide as well as small range of well-proven processes. An extensive portfolio of brand-new, innovative and also innovative innovations which have actually been established to help satisfy enhancing needs for enhanced top quality. CLARIFIERS FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENTClarifiers are settling containers built with mechanical ways for continual removal of solids being transferred by sedimentation. Information is the oldest as well as most commonly made use of operation in the effective treatment of wastewater. A clarifier is usually used to remove strong particulates or suspended solids from liquid for explanation and also (or) thickening by gravitational settling. These are categorized right into main as well as additional. Electro Oxidation could be implemented as a set process or a continuous process based upon the need of the industry. Really small footprint need. Zero Sludge Process as as compared to other wastewater treatment procedures. In-situ generation of ozone, cost-free radicals, oxidizing chlorine compounds etc[D] is special to electro oxidation process. No need of any kind of addition of chemicals, thus storage space and also handling of hazardous chemicals is totally removed. It is an eco-friendly waste water treatment innovation utilizing only electrical energy.